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    Free diving in Guadeloupe


    Free diving course are provided by Antoine MAESTRACCI, National Free Diving Instructor, founder of the first free diving school in Guadeloupe, but also former Captain of the French Team that got a Gold medal at the CMAS Games, which make him able to teach you in an appropriate way, no matter of your level or experience.

    The classes take place in the core of the Parc National de Guadeloupe, an exceptional surrounding : the cliffs full of fishes of the Ilets Pigeon (Cousteau sea-park) but also on shipwrecks, that allow you to be amazed while improving yourself, what else to be asked for ?

    The classes can be attended alone or with your diving partner, Antoine will fit himself to your potential and your level, and will adapt his methods to your own capacities.

    If you wish to improve yourself, 3 shipwrecks can constitute your playground during the classes and according to your progression : the Franjack for those who dive around 20 meters, the AugustinFrenel for those who dive around 30 meters and the Gustavia, for those who go up to 40 meters.