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    Guided snorkeling

    The Caribbean sea is warm, calm and clear all year long and has a lot of things to show without any need to go deep : you will be amazed by the amount and diversity of the fishes that you can see from the surface and by the number of Green turtles living in the bay.

    The guide that will be with you is a caribbean wildlife expert and will find, depending on the streams, the place that will hold the best encounterings.

    He will at all time be near you in the water, will comment the tour and will answer every question you may have during the activity.

    We are restricting the amount of people participating at 10 per guide so the tour remains friendly and so everyone can hear what the guide says.

    Children can take part in the activity starting from 4 years old, come share with your family half a day as funny as educational that will please everyone.

    The permanent presence of the guide makes the activity enjoyable by beginners and by youngest children, that for he is also here for you safety and comfort.

    He takes an inflatable board with him that the children can hold to, and for the smallest, climb on it so they can watch the fishes thanks to the Aquascope we will give you if they ever come to be tired of wearing their mask… Because we know that some children love new things…. But not for too long 😉