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    Spare fishing

    The one who like fishing or fish hunting have many ways to be happy at AN-BA DLO LA too.

    You can go spare fishing all year long in the clear and warm seas of the Caribbean. They are full of fishes, hold a lot of diversity and you can come across (and catch) species that you could dream of :carangues, thazards, coryphènes, marlin…

    National Instructor of Spare Fishing, Antoine can teach you or help you improve techniques that are suited to the Caribbean Sea.

    The outgoings are tailored to yourself, any subject of your choice can be tackled : equipment choice, having your crossbow ready, the choice of your fishing place, stealth improvement…

    The activity is open starting from 16 years old for the crossbow/spare gun use.

    Under 16 years old, we can introduce your teen to the use of the pole spear in order to catch his first lion-fishes, delicious to eat but a bit difficult to catch because of its poisonous fins.

    Beware, during all of the activities only fishes that are going to be eaten will be caught, when going back to the beach the fish will be shared between the people who attended the activity.

    With us, fishing isn’t a competition, but a good way to go shopping for sushis, tartar or evening barbecue 😉