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Plage Anse Caraïbe
97116 Pointe-Noire
Guadeloupe, FWI


+590 690 47 11 61
+590 690 18 79 66

Anbadlola Guadeloupe-Plongée, is labeled Esprit Parc, the National Parks of France’s brand.

It rewards natural activities that are part of sustainable tourism development and guarantees authenticity and quality of service.

An Ba Dlo La offers guided webbed hikes in the heart of the Parc, in the Cousteau Reserve.

Your guide is a caribbean wildlife expert who will find, depending on the streams, the place that will hold the best encounterings.

He will at all time be near you in the water, will comment the tour and will answer every question you may have during the activity.

We depart from Anse Caraibe Beach at Pointe-Noire. Several restaurants offer local creole food. Showers and shelters are available free of charge on the beach.