Anbadlola – Rando palmée guidée en Guadeloupe, apnée et pêche sous-marine

Anbadlola - Snorkeling Tour & Free diving in Guadeloupe

Guided Snorkeling Tour

40 to 60€



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Take a guided snorkeling tour to discover the seabed of the Cousteau Marine Park!
All equipment is provided, suitable for all ages from 4 upwards, as our guides, trained in diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean will be on hand with boards for toddlers to climb on.

Please choose the right rate for your request.
For example: 2 adults, then 1 minor, before confirming the order, as our “children’s” rate applies up to and including 17 years of age 😉



Adults (over 18), Group 10 and over, Groups of 5 to 9 people, Minor child, Private Palm Hikes