Anbadlola – Rando palmée guidée en Guadeloupe, apnée et pêche sous-marine

Anbadlola - Snorkeling Tour & Free diving in Guadeloupe

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Guided snorkeling tour in the Cousteau Marine Park

Excursion to the Cousteau Reserve

Explore the Cousteau Marine Park with our passionate guides

Discover the richness of the seabed in the Cousteau Marine Park around Ilets Pigeon, the heart of the National Park, with your professional and experienced guide at your side in the water. Wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel equipment are provided, and the guide will stay by your side.

The Caribbean Sea is warm, calm and clear all year round, and offers great riches in a shallow depth: you’ll be amazed at the quantity and diversity of fish visible from the surface.

Learn how to approach green turtles without disturbing or endangering them, as the guides from Anbadlola, a member of the GUADELOUPE MARINE TURTLE PROTECTION NETWORK, explain why getting too close can have harmful consequences.

Réserve cousteau Malendure Îlets pigeons
Réserve cousteau Malendure Îlets pigeons

Anbadlola is a long-standing experience of the marine environment of Guadeloupe, created by enthusiasts committed to the protection of the marine environment and the safety of activities at sea.
Anbadlola was created by Antoine Maestracci, an underwater biology instructor and former captain of the French freediving team. With the Esprit Parclabel, Anbadlola guarantees safe and enjoyable outings.

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Our guided snorkeling sites

Cousteau Marine Park - Ilets Pigeon

Guidedsnorkeling sites are chosen according to weather conditions and site load. All our sites are selected for their seabed quality. On every snorkeling tour, we take you to see the sea turtles in a way that respects their environment and tranquillity.

Carte de la Réserve Cousteau

Ilets Pigeons

The Ilets Pigeon are in the heart of the Guadeloupe National Park.
The site’s reputation dates back to the 1950s and 60s, thanks to the richness of the seabed from the very first meters of depth. Noticed by Captain Cousteau, he recommended that they be set aside to preserve them. The Ilets Pigeon are surrounded by a number of snorkeling sites offering a wide variety of landscapes and underwater life.

Sea Turtles

Hawksbill turtles feed on corals and sponges, while green turtles feed on shallow seagrass beds. Anbadlola takes you to observe them without disturbing or endangering them.

Japanese garden

This snorkeling site is located along the cliffs of the protected area known as “Le Petit Malendure”. At shallow depths and in a landscape of rocky reefs, fish, coral, sponges and turtles cross paths before our very eyes.

Ilets Pigeon - Réserve Cousteau
Ilets Pigeon - Réserve Cousteau
Tortue Marines - Réserve Cousteau
Tortue Marines - Réserve Cousteau
Jardin Japonais - Réserve Cousteau
Jardin Japonais - Réserve Cousteau

A guide at your side in the water

The guide who accompanies you is a specialist in Caribbean fauna and, depending on the wind and currents, will find the perfect spot for a beautiful encounter.

He’ll always be with you in the water, commenting on the tour and answering all your questions as you make your way through the heart of the National Park (Réserve Cousteau).

We limit the number of participants per Guide to ensure that the walk remains friendly and that everyone hears each other’s comments.

The guided palm hike allows non-divers to share the pleasure of enjoying these wonders together with their diving spouses/friends/relatives. For experienced divers, take advantage of the absence of regulators to ask the guide questions and expand your knowledge 😉

Cousteau Reserve excursion program

  • Departures from our base in
    Anse Caraïbes Beach
    in Pointe-Noire:
    8:30 a.m. and return at 12 p.m.
    1 p.m. and return at 4:30 p.m.
  • Equipment includes a 3mm wetsuit to protect you from the sun on the surface and help you float, plus high-quality fins, mask and snorkel. (If you prefer your own equipment, you can of course take it with you)
  • Departure by boat (10 min. sailing time) to the heart of the National Marine Park (COUSTEAU RESERVE).
  • The guide then jumps into the water with you to comment on the tour. He holds inflatable boards on which non-swimmers and less experienced swimmers can stand.
  • Back on the boat with juice and cookies.
  • The beach area is equipped with cubicles for your dry goods, changing rooms and showers for your comfort.
  • price 60 euros adults / 40 euros minors, all included. Group rates from 55 to 50 euros

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